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Kitoko, born Patrick Bibarwa, is a Rwandan Afrobeats and hip-hop singer. He released his debut album, Ifaranga, in January 2010. The album enjoyed immediate and wide success in Rwanda and Uganda. In 2012 a reviewer for Ugandan newspaper The East African called him "the biggest Rwandan artiste at the moment"....

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Intwari Club
Ngarigari & Omer



Kidum is an award winning music artiste based in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Born and raised in Burundi, he relocated to Kenya to pursue his musical dream. He is one of the best live-music and vocalists in the region. He won 1st Place Song – World Music category at International Songwriting Competition 2014

2012 KORA Award “African Grammy Award”, Salax Award – 2 times PAM Award - 5 times Kilimanjaro Award - 2 times Akeza Award – 2 times East Africa Award and many more. The song “Mapenzi” won 1st Place at International Songwriting Competition 2014 in the World music category. Burundian, East Africa Singer, Songwriter, master drummer, Jean-Pierre Nimbona, a.k.a.  Kidum Kibido, is a Nairobi-based artist whose infectious tunes have hooked legions of fans in East Africa and throughout the world.  He is an Ambassador for Peace helping foster hope and reconciliation in East Africa. His secular but spiritual songs range from rocking zouk to acoustic classics, all featuring his vocal prowess.


Kidum Kibido musical inspiration started at age 10 when he started to play the drums. When he eventually came to Kenya as a refugee, he went off to Nairobi in search of a living and promptly joined a band as a drummer and singer; it took four years before Kidum Kibido started writing his own songs, which was the starting point to sharing his heart and passion with the people.  Since there, he has never looked back.

Kidum’s first album, Yaramenje (2001), established him as the Voice of Peace in the Great Lakes region in Africa. This followed with the hugely successful Shamba album, released in 2003. The 2006 Ishano album portrays Kidum’s vocal best with the rocking zouk Kichuna. With the 2010 release of Haturudi Nyuma - Kidum is granted The Kora Award (the African Grammy equivalent) for his songs Mapenzi, Nitafanya and Haturudi Nyuma.  In 2015 he released the popular Hali Na Mali album which includes the successful singles Mulika Mwizi, Kimbia, Enjoy and Hali Na Mali.


Kidum exhibits multiple talents as a composer, vocalist, drummer and arranger par excellence, although his earlier songs were recorded in the Kirundi language - he progressed to singing in Kiswahili where his spiritual and philosophical compositions became accessible to a wider audience.  Kidum’s journey to stardom has been inspiring because of his passion, resilience and hard work, overcoming hurdles that could have easily discouraged many, such talent and determination now finds the international artist Kidum singing in French, English and Spanish with his current band BodaBoda Band (translated as Crossing Borders)  performs throughout Africa & Middle East.  Kidum Kibido was invited to play in Edmonton, Canada at Folk Music Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the world.  He toured In Canada, Europe, United States of America and Australia. At everywhere the superstar plays on stage, his personality and talents attract new fans, and his songs touch his audience souls. 

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The Naija Drama & Comedy Club is a sensational multidisciplinary artist group, who perform traditional and contemporary styles from Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. The group is filled with talented entertainers of all kinds, performing at different events around Nigeria, Ghana, etc. The group is consisting of ten Multidisciplinary males and females from Nigeria.


Charles Baba Tunde OYEBANJI, artist name T-Jackson is a Dancer, Actor, Script Writer, Theater Director and Dance Choreographer, who have accomplished a lot of projects in his community and country In Nigeria. He is known for his legendary Michel Jackson dance moves, which he has performed at some top events such as, M.T.N project fame Audition, Zain and many more. 



Intwari Club is a cultural group that works on traditional music, drums, and rhythmic work musical mixes with pastoral poetry. It’s a group composed of artists with a long experience of twenty years in traditional music and dances. Initially they belonged to and evolved from famous cultural organizations such as The INTATANA CLUB of Burundi which gave them the chance to travel the whole world (Asia, China, France, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Republic Democratic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda). Since 2015 they decided to expand their field of work and decided to live in Rwanda; a country that advances art as a whole and they formed a flagship club called CLUB INTWARI. From Kigali to Kampala the INTWARI CLUB artists are navigating the East African region and are much appreciated. They have been invited to various festivals and recently they gave good performances in the NYEGE NYEGE  festival in 2018. 


The vision of INTWARI CLUB is to conquer the African music market which will give a character of a competitive nature in the heart of African music as well as of the world music in general.

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Afro Sukisa MusicArts Events
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Art & Music Workshops:
February 10 | April 13 | May 11, 2024 | 
June 1st, 2024 | Dec 22 

Sept 21, 2024 @ Churchill Square


African Music Festivals Tours 2024 

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30 -


OCT 1st




7039 Gateway Boulevard

Edmonton, AB




08 -



Gladstone Theatre

910 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON

7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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