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The African Canadian Performing Arts Foundation is a community based organization that was registered in Edmonton, Alberta, as a not-for-profit art organization. The organization offers a wide range of programs such as welcoming new African/Caribbean artists to Canada, promoting live music, cultural arts and traditional live music from the African continent, Festival production, presentations, connecting local emerging artists to touring International artists for the public presentation and community engagement.

Our Vision

The vision of the African Canadian Performing Arts Foundation is to provide a cultural heritage space and environment, where diverse art groups: African/Caribbean artists and community members can meet, dream, create, and showcase cultural and traditional art from the African continent. The organization promotes cultural arts and live traditional music from the African continent for the purpose of healing marginalized population, sharing different cultural arts, taste of music to Canadians and the world.  

Mission Statement

The aim of the African Canadian Foundation is to connect African/Caribbean new artists /Immigrants, emerging artists to resources, the community for the purpose of showcasing talent and engaging the community from all background, regardless of their difference, as well as build together a strong and healthy community. 




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Multi-disciplinary Artist /Creator of traditional music instruments from Burundi

Eugene Gumira, Visual Artist & Photographer

Macha Abdallah,  Multi-disciplinary Artist

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Thank you to our Partners & Sponsors

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Pana AfriKan Coalition of Canada
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